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Flood Safety Series: Preparation for Flooding

Keegan Wetzel | Tuesday, January 20, 2015
When living or working in an area of high risk flooding, it is essential that appropriate safety preparations are made, along with knowing what to do in the event of a dangerous flood. Here are several tips to follow that will help prepare you and your family from a flood: floodedHouse
  • Have a family flood response plan ready to act upon in the event of flood danger.
  • Make an inventory of your important household items, with an emphasis on the basement if there is one and what is stored there.
  • Comprise a list of emergency phone numbers and have a safe location to take refuge in if necessary.
  • Have a safe place for storing imperative items such as medications, personable valuables, and important documents.
  • Be able to shut off the gas and electricity of your home in the event of an emergency.
  • Sign up for emergency weather notifications, such as flash flooding, in your area.

Although flooding is not uncommon in most places, areas with flood plains are more susceptible to adversely dangerous effects of excessive levels of water flooding. Flash floods present a severe danger and happen quickly after abundant rainfall or possibly a damn breaking, and can often carry unseen and harmful debris if the water is deep enough – rocks, trees, etc. The leading candidate of weather related deaths in America is flash flooding, which can be very dangerous to people who are driving their car or walking through the excess water.

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