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Be Aware of Counterfeit Tires and Other Goods

Keegan Wetzel | Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Recently there has been attention brought to counterfeit tires that have made their way into the market. Consumer Reports shared that that there were several tires currently available that ranked at the bottom of testing performance in the winter conditions – interestingly enough they were also unusually cheap at $95 per tire.

The tires were from American Pacific Industries and were classified as the Pegasus Advanta model for SUVs. The company denies producing the tires in question, claiming that their logo on the tires wasn’t used legally and that the codes on the tires show the trail to a suspected origin. The codes on the tires showed that they were produced in 2012 by a factory in China which American Pacific Industries was once in business with, but according to American Pacific the relationship was severed in 2011.

Tire molds of the Pegasus Advanta could have been stolen or used continually through the dissolution of the Chinese factory and American Pacific Industries. However the tires came about comes second to the fact that they made their way into the market stateside and are being offered at very low prices. What is important about this matter is the fact that counterfeiting can come in almost any form. In regards to this case, it comes in the form of questionably made tires with a company logo imprinted on them despite the company denying any possible connection with producing the counterfeits.

It is important that when buying things you confirm the legitimacy of them to the best of your ability. This is especially true when making purchases of things that are essential to safety – in this case car tires. As strange as it may be that there are known counterfeit tires, you must be aware that these things are possible. Next time buying parts for your car or even your home, make sure to think about the following points.

-          Find out the origin of the product as best you can

-          Be wary of the deal that is “too good to be true”

-          Make sure who/where you are buying it from is a reputable retailer with proven history

-          Compare what you are about to purchase to when, where, and for how much you may have previously purchased it before

Keep the questions above in mind when making decisions on what to buy in the future, and for any other questions please call (703)683-6601 or click the button below.

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